Onboarding follow-up

Beyond recruitment process, the integration part is a key stage of utmost importance to build an effective collaboration. In order to ensure its strong durability, we propose to provide the highest quality support with an experienced coach. This enables the candidate to easily understand his new professional environment.


  • To promote the onboarding and motivation into an intricate environment


  • To increase the new recruit’s individual performance
  • To adapt his position and communication to the / his new professional environment
  • To establish his legitimacy and assist him finding his proper place into the organization


  • To secure financial and human investment by perpetuating the recruitment
  • To improve the current onboarding process

Suggested approach

  • Triparty interviews with managers, coach and candidate or four-party interviews with the HR Directors. Setting of onboarding goals and validation of support’s terms
  • Bimonthly coaching sessions: last 1h30 for 4 to 6 months
  • Possibility to schedule a midway review with the three or four actors
  • Coaching final assessment