Our Commitments

Our commitment to perform our activities with a professional awareness is in our DNA. We always respect each interlocutor with a dedication to give the best of ourselves in all circumstances. Together, we create enduring change and results.

Commitments to fulfill:

Regarding clients

  • To only accept a mission if it meets our expertise
  • To listen carefully to clients’ specific needs and expectations in order to set a genuine relationship that highly respects the market constraints
  • To stay available with a full transparency
  • To conduct weekly reports all through the mission
  • To advise, to be source of proposals and to assist our clients’ choice / decision-making

Regarding candidates

  • To meet and follow candidates with the highest respect
  • To provide a helpful feedback
  • To stay available transparent and fair
  • To keep applicants abreast of the process progress
  • To monitor the progress of candidates during their onboarding period and beyond