The Firm

Our history

aperlead, was formed from two meaningful words:
Aperio, is, ire (Latin word) which means to open, discover
To Lead, Leader

aperlead… reflects the will to discover leaders and to go side-by-side with them. We want to open new career prospects in order to reveal these talents to our clients. Our purpose is to collaborate with them to unlock the full potential of their business, building deep relationships.
With this in mind, Xavier Tandonnet and a partner teamed up to create aperlead, an Executive Search Firm.


We truly believe in our values of entrepreneurship, openness, service, leadership and advising.
They are all shaped by two key values: Truth and Respect. This is why we treat each interlocutor with dignity, either client or candidate, experimenting success or undertaking difficulties.
Our values are a combination of taking into account the intuitu personae and a tailored entrepreneurial ambition.
Today, this means strengthening our know-how and social skills in order to expand our activities. We are willing to reach French and international level through many departments and to create collaboration with our worldwide partners.

The expression of our values:

  • Entrepreneurship: Explore new opportunities, accepting to take a measured risk and taking responsibilities.
  • Openness: Inquisitiveness, attentiveness and open mindset.
  • Service: A continuing improvement of added value to our clients and candidates.
  • Leadership: Ability to decide, help deciding and convince, taking part in revealing our interlocutors’ leadership.
  • Advising: Listen to our partners with benevolence in order to understand them, help them and wisely advise them.
  • Truth: Facing reality and truth by acknowledging errors.
  • Respect: Respect each person and each organization, dealing in a constructive way without any wrong assumption or power relation.
  • A tailored service: Each client and candidate is unique and deserves a personalized treatment.
  • Ambition: aperlead wants the best for its clients and candidates. We want to convert their decisions into actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

Our expertise

One-stop-shop service: from the first step to the implementation, aperlead offers a leading expertise, well-known in French and International markets. aperlead puts at your disposal a recognized competence in its markets, in France and abroad.

aperlead provides professional and personalized services with in-depth knowledge in multiple / different fields related to the recruitment consultancy. aperlead takes the best of its combination of skills thanks to:

  • a significant internal business experience, acquired in international executive search firms,
  • partnerships with international contacts / networks.

Our Commitments

Our commitment to perform our activities with a professional awareness is in our DNA. We always respect each interlocutor with a dedication to give the best of ourselves in all circumstances. Together, we create enduring change and results. Commitments to fulfill:

Regarding clients

Regarding candidates

International and professional networks

aperlead relies on a worldwide network, comprising various partners and interlocutors. It allows us to exceed cross-sectional and international expectations: Consultancy firm, Communication consultancy firm, Public relations and press relations consultancy firm, International executive search firms, Investment funds, International (research) think-tanks.

Member of ECI Group

Member of ECI Group

We are an active member of an international executive search network and maintain regular and often friendly relations with our foreign partners, which enables us to provide you with support in around 50 countries.

Member of AESC

Member of AESC

AESC is also a label showing peer recognition of our best practices, including the largest international executive search firms.