Interim Management

At the request of clients and in order to be attuned to developments on the recruitment market, aperlead launched a change management business line in 2017. The subsidiary aperlead transition was formed in 2020.

Interim management responds to an urgent situation requiring the involvement of an expert in various situations faced by a company, such as for example: transformation (structuring or restructuring, integration and management of rapid growth), deployment of a new project, financial turnaround, mentoring, etc. It also helps to overcome an employee’s absence or resignation, pending a replacement.

aperlead transition covers a global framework: we manage all middle, top and executive management positions. Our clients operate in various business sectors of varying sizes (mid-caps to large French or international groups).

Our recruitment method

Recruiting an Interim Manager takes part in three steps. 

Defining the needs

This first step, which is decisive for the next steps of the process, involves exchanging with our client as soon as the firm is contacted to collect all relevant information to understand and define the parameters of the assignment: objectives to be achieved, company background, assigned tasks, expected deliverables, profile sought, envisaged salary, etc. Our commitment is to present at least one candidate who matches the request to our client within five days at most.

Identifying and selecting candidates

We implement all necessary means to identify the most adapted profiles. Our research team contacts identified candidates to ensure that they meet the various criteria approved by our client. The objective of this interview is also to carry out a preselection of candidates and confirm their interest in the assignment. The consultant then meets the candidates, in particular to assess their interpersonal skills. The consultant draws up a list of finalist candidates to be presented to the client.

Presenting candidates

The consultant supports candidates throughout the recruitment process with the client. After each interview, a debriefing session is carried out between the client and the consultant. This way of operating demonstrates our willingness to provide support to the client and the candidate, and our goal to be efficient and responsive. It enables us to best adjust the candidate search where necessary.

Our assignment monitoring solutions

According to the needs, we offer various solutions to the client and the Interim Manager which can be combined.

Traditional monitoring

The consultant is tasked with ensuring the smooth running of the assignment: in this scope, he/she organises regular follow-ups with the client, on the one hand, and the Interim Manager, on the other hand. At their request or if he/she deems necessary, he/she can organise a three-way meeting.

At the start of the assignment, the consultant ensures that the Interim Manager has clear and precise objectives in order to be in the best conditions to perform the assignment. The frequency of these updates needs to be defined with each of the players based on their needs. We commit to carry out at least the following meetings:

  • End of the 1st day
  • End of the 1st week
  • End of the 1st month
  • Once a month
  • Additional update at any time at the request of the client or the Interim Manager.
  • At the end of the assignment

External steering

In this format, the consultant supervises the assignment and the Interim Manager thus enabling the client to focus on its business. The consultant organises a meeting with the client (frequency to be decided with the client) which aims to monitor the progress of the assignment deliverables. In parallel, the consultant conducts weekly updates with the Interim Manager. This option is ideal for clients in the following situations: lack of time or skills to supervise the Change Manager, need for regular reporting, etc.

Personalised support

This support is provided by consultants, who have all held management positions in companies. This enables the client to gain an external perspective of a situation (for example, decision-taking, problem resolution, business organisation design, etc.) or offload supervision of the Interim Manager. This type of support is mainly recommended to clients who have never used change management.

pending on the client’s expectations, two types of coaching are available:

  • Client coaching: assistance with defining the parameters of the assignment and drafting the assignment description, assistance with setting objectives and progress monitoring indicators, etc.
  • Candidate coaching: HR and management support provided throughout the assignment and in all types of situations requiring coaching.

The Interim Management Team